Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chingalera - Dose

I think long songs are both underrated and overrated. People consider them epics when they are really just showcases for a certain person, not a band. But because of their length people seem to pass them off as worth while songs in today's music biz. Chingalera's shortest song is around 8 minutes long but they work as a band in such a great way that it doesn't matter. These are great progressive and sludgy metal. They have touches of post rock in there but their riffs are great and even the last song has something to be said with guest vocals from members of Circle Jerks, Goatsnake and It's Casual. This is their second album but already they have a reputation among some of the best bands around. These songs actually are epic and definitely rock but can definitely chill out too. The best of both worlds.
For Fans Of: Melvins, Mono, Russian Circles, Harvey Milk, Black Sabbath

Apache - Boomtown Gems

There are very few bands that I like that considered "punk". Vibrators, Buzzcocks, Bad Brains, Ramones, and maybe a couple more. Proto-punk is more my style but whatever you want to classify Johnny Thunders and New York Dolls under, then put Apache right there with them. One part punk, one part glam, one part attitude and one part partying. There were times when I was first listening to this album that I thought the song could have been a cover of one of these classic bands but it's all Apache, all original. They formed from the ashes of former bands The Cuts and Genghis Khan and they were signed before even learning a song and having broken limbs. This is good rock'n'roll for your trip across the country or for your dance party.
For Fans Of: Johnny Thunders, New York Dolls, Iggy/The Stooges, getting down

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