Sunday, September 14, 2008

Zach Hill

Drummer from Hella and about a million other things releases his first true solo album and I would have to say that it will be in my top 5 at the end of the year. His drumming style is so fucking ridiculous and is on every track, he never tries to hide his talent while still making his own version of pop music. Like if Hella and the Flaming Lips had a band together. Plenty of guest stars from The Advantage, Deftones, Les Claypool, Marnine Stern, No Age and some others. 2CDs, the second being an epic song called Necromancer which is mostly just free jazz piano and Hill's drums. This is a new stage, kind and take on accessible music.

Zach Hill - Dark Art

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


A one man sludge band. That feels weird to say but there is nothing bad about this in the least. Daleth is just that. One man has made a perfect sludge record and all by himself. I really don't have anything to say because this has left me speechless. Download and rock out.

Sebastien Grainger

I have always been one for the danceable yet undeniably heavy tunes of Death From Above so I was excited when I heard about Sebastien (drummer/lead singer) making a new solo project. What has come of it is a terribly boring attempt at being more accessible and melodic. I always knew that Saddle Creek bands are sad bastards and mellow but never did I think that they would water down such a hard rocking dude. It has moments where I think it's about the take off (like the last 30 seconds of Ways To Come Home) but not only does it end abruptly, it never gets past about 55% intensity. 

Now I'm not saying that all sad bastard music is bad. I like my fair share of it (Horse Feathers for example) but even his attempt at that seems half assed. His production methods have always impressed me with a new take on the "Wall of Sound" but not only does it not work here, I don't even know if it applies. I will say that Map Of The World is a high point because of the guitar work and the groove that they work into (you can listen as I have posted it below). Otherwise, disappointment galore.