Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Straight from Isriffrael.

Monotonix are banned from most places in Tel Aviv. They have 3 members but only 2 instruments. They have sick as fuck riffs and call on bands like Black Sabbath and The Sonics as their influences. They were just signed to Drag City and put out this new EP which is awesome. They were produced by Tim Green of the Fucking Champs so you know they fucking rock to some extent. Bluesy proto metal riffs galore with a good dose of attitude, a reputation for being possibly the best live band ever and you have a definite rock'n'roll band.

Their new EP is HERE.


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Three O'clock Blues said...

had no idea they are baned from most places in tel aviv. they get much respect here for all i know. but yeah, they are preety crazy :)
anyways, just joined your group on last.fm - i have the love for mixtapes as well.
come and say hello:

by the way, you should listen to TV BUDDHAS: