Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sebastien Grainger

I have always been one for the danceable yet undeniably heavy tunes of Death From Above so I was excited when I heard about Sebastien (drummer/lead singer) making a new solo project. What has come of it is a terribly boring attempt at being more accessible and melodic. I always knew that Saddle Creek bands are sad bastards and mellow but never did I think that they would water down such a hard rocking dude. It has moments where I think it's about the take off (like the last 30 seconds of Ways To Come Home) but not only does it end abruptly, it never gets past about 55% intensity. 

Now I'm not saying that all sad bastard music is bad. I like my fair share of it (Horse Feathers for example) but even his attempt at that seems half assed. His production methods have always impressed me with a new take on the "Wall of Sound" but not only does it not work here, I don't even know if it applies. I will say that Map Of The World is a high point because of the guitar work and the groove that they work into (you can listen as I have posted it below). Otherwise, disappointment galore.

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