Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Here It is, the beginning, the day is dawning

A weekly/semi-weekly music blog showing some of my favorite music for the past week. This will have everything from hip-hop to indie, metal to folk. WHATEVER I WANT. I review somewhere between 12-18 CDs a week so I have plenty of new material to come upon. A lot of it will be newer music so it ought to be interesting. Some weeks will have a lot, some will only have a few. Some of them are actual links to some pretty cool videos so be on the lookout for that too. Lets get started:

1. We Versus The Shark - I Am A Fantastic Battle - EP Of Bees EP
2. Zen Guerrilla - Saucerships To Ragtime - Positronic Raygun
3. The Blind Shake - Calling All Horses - Rizzograph
4. Clockcleaner - Vomiting Mirrors - Babylon Rules
5. Richard Hawley - Serious - Lady's Bridge
6. The Deaf - Air Raid - This Bunny Bites
7. Electric Six - Feed My Fuckin' Habit - I Shall Exterminate Everything That Restricts Me From Being The Master
8. The Sadies - Anna Leigh - New Seasons
9. Vampire Hands - Egg White Ocean - Virgin Dust American Lips
10. KARP - J Is For Genius - Self Titled LP
11. The Rolling Stones - Loving Cup - Exile On Main Street
12. Standing Nudes - Honeybee - Standing Nudes
13. Tim Fite - Away From The Snakes - Gone Ain't Gone
14. The Blank Tapes - Part The Clouds - Daydreams
15. Bear Claw - Point A To Point... - Slow Speed: Deep Owls

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